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Liberty Performance Training was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in May of 2015 with the primary goals of increasing individual athletic performance, motivation, and quality of life for athletes at any level. We are more than just a fitness gym, above all else, our coaches truly care about each and every athlete they work with.  We espouse integrity, work ethic, and performance outcomes above anything. Whether you are looking to compete in your first lifting competition, you are a high school or college athlete trying to make a team or improve your positional skills, or you are a Masters level competitor in any activity recreational or otherwise, Liberty Performance Training will improve your performance as well as your lifestyle.

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.

24-Hour Open Gym

No Long-Term Contracts.
No Corporate Gimmicks.
No Nonsense.

24-Hour Access.  An Elite Lifting Community. 
The Best Equipment an Athlete Could Ask For. 


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What We Offer

Individual Personal Training – Comprehensive training programs and coaching designed to help you achieve whatever goals you have whether it be weight loss, increased mass, or technique improvement. All packages include personalized programming and nutrition counseling.  Packages of 20 or more sessions include 66% off unlimited monthly gym and 10% off all supplements. Packages start as low as $50 per session.

Individual Performance Training – Sports specific programs and coaching tailored directly to the individual athlete and sport. Power, speed, and strength improvement that transfers to the athletic field. We have tow ropes, hurdles, harnesses, tires, sleds, vertical/broad jump testers, and more importantly the coaching experience you need to significantly improve your performance in your chosen sport. Packages of 20 or more sessions include 66% off unlimited monthly gym and 10% off all supplements. Packages start as low as $50 per session.

Team Strength & Conditioning – Reserve our entire 3000 sq. foot facility for your team’s strength & conditioning, agility, and speed training needs. Please call for pricing.

Sports Massage Therapy – Liberty Performance Training is proud to offer the services of one of the top massage therapists in Arizona either in our facility or from the comfort of your own home. Book through the Liberty Performance Training app or here.

Two Hour Gauntlet Workouts – Every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 5:00 PM, subject yourself to two hours of intense and brutally designed workouts to tax your anabolic and recovery systems as well as build cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance.  Class sizes are small and space is limited, so reserve your spot online ASAP.

Open Gym – Looking for a hardcore training facility with some of the best equipment in Phoenix? Look no further. We have unique strongman apparatuses you won’t find anywhere else, an indoor turf, and all the tools you need to improve yourself. And we play loud music.

Satellite Coaching – Don’t live in Arizona but you’re not satisfied with your performance? Contact us for run form or lift evaluations, specifically tailored exercise programs, and extensive feedback guaranteed to improve speed, strength, agility, and efficiency. Prices will vary, but we will work within your budget to help as many athletes as possible!

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"Rich is the most attentive trainer I have worked with. He helped me well beyond my expectations!"

Josh L. - "