Endurance Race Training

Not sure if strength and conditioning can take your race performance to the next level? It can.

Marathon runners, triathletes, swimmers, and adventure race runners of all types can benefit immensely from focused and individualized strength training in addition to their training program.

Too often, endurance athletes attempt to ‘mimic’ the muscular endurance aspect of their races when in reality, this offers very little benefit.

Instead, have one of our coaches identify where you have developed muscular imbalances and prescribe exercises to help correct them and retrain your movement patterns to make you a more efficient and resilient athlete.

Even if you have a current conditioning coach, Liberty Performance Training will collaborate with them to develop a customized plan based on weaknesses, peaking for upcoming races and competitions and specific focus on injury reduction.

The coaches at Liberty Performance Training are experienced with numerous amateur and professional endurance athletes, including triathletes, ironman competitors, and ‘fun run’ athletes who compete in Tough Mudder events or Spartan Races.

With our training, you can expect to:

Reduce the risk of injury

Increase lactate threshold (for the ‘kick’ at the end of the race)

Identify and correct muscular imbalances

Improve hip and hamstring mobility

Increase joint stability

Increase musculoskeletal strength and tendon thickness

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