Sep. 30

Cutoff For Bodybuilding Sponsorship Submissions

We are looking to sponsor ONE potential bodybuilding client under our very own Caitlin Birdsell to show the world how training like an athlete > training like Frankenstein’s monster, even in the competitive realm of bodybuilding.  This sponsorship will include ALL programming, ALL individual coaching, ALL nutrition planning, and ALL posing coaching leading up to a competition to be determined by Coach and Client.  This is a huge opportunity and competition will be fierce to select a winner.  Figure competitor will be given preference over bikini competitor, but all standout candidates will be considered diligently.

Submit your biography, an explanation of WHY you want to embark on this incredibly difficult journey, and an explanation of what sets you apart from other candidates.  Direct all traffic to both as well as  You may also send an Instagram Direct Message to @libertyperformance and @caitlinbirdsellfit.