Strength Training for Golf

“Practice like you’ve never won, perform like you’ve never lost.”

No matter what level of golfer you are, strength training for golf can augment your game in incredible ways.

The application of force through the ground as well as the quickness with which you can recruit your muscles through a golf swing allow more control and power during your shots. Furthermore, an intelligent training plan can help reduce injury and fatigue.

Rotational POWER and core STRENGTH are enormous components of a golf swing, each needing constant development in order to make your swing stronger and more consistent. Strength training for golf is a very misunderstood and underutilized aspect of training, but it is becoming more and more common and even necessary when competing at higher levels of play. You must have total awareness and control of your hips and shoulders as you rotate your thoracic spine through a swing and use your lower body to finish. Our strength coaches for golf will help you do exactly that.

Liberty Performance Training will perform an evaluation and develop a customized plan based on weaknesses, experience level and your own desired outcomes.

The coaches at Liberty Performance Training are experienced with golf drills and performance standards at all levels and have trained/worked with recreational golfers as well as NCAA and high school golf teams. No matter your age or desired level of play, we can help you take charge of your body and take charge of your game.

With our training, you can expect to:

Improve motor control

Improve rotational power

Increase club speed and whip

Reduce the risk of injury

Increase strength, particularly of core muscles along all aspects

Improve control over pelvic and thoracic rotation

Increase wrist and forearm strength and mobility


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