Three In-Season Musts with Kurt Hester – D1 Performance Coach

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The month of August is a signal school is right around the corner. With school beginning, youth and high school sports practices are underway in preparation for the fall sport season.

We caught up with Kurt Hester this past weekend. Kurt is the Director of Sport Performance for the Louisiana Tech athletic programs.  We discussed several topics such as important nutritional considerations. What can athletes do at home to compliment their practice and training? The actions  Kurt recommended help you perform at your highest possible level. Continuing a regimented strength training program during the season is a non-negotiable. Kurt provides example set/rep schemes, and exercises he uses to maintain and grow strength levels during camp and the season.

Liberty Performance Training: During the season, what are the three most important nutritional considerations? 

Kurt Hester: Our main concern is heat related injury, so first and foremost is good  
ole water. We post urine color charts and have our athletes carry half gallon jugs of water all day. When your urine is the right color,  you are good for the day.

2nd. We use a supplement called Intact Endurance, which is an electrolyte supplement that we give our athletes  pre-practice and post-practice to make sure their bodies are back in balance from dehydration and rehydration.

3rd. Is an adequate number of calories to support their current body weight. The more  weight an athlete loses during camp and the season, injury rates increase.



Liberty Performance Training:  What are two things athletes can do at home to compliment their in-season training? 

Kurt Hester: The easiest thing an athlete can do at home is put his cell phone, computer, and xbox away and get 8+ hours sleep a night. Taking a 20 minute nap in the middle of the day also helps tremendously. Sleep, consuming adequate calories, and rehydration is the most effective way to recover and play at a high level.

Foam roll, floss, and stretching at home will  put you in a state of relaxation that will help you recover and get you into a sleep ready state. You can also just pull up a  yoga video on Youtube every night.

Liberty Performance Training: What are your set and two schemes for your core lifts during the season?

Kurt Hester: Training starts during camp, performing  3 full body workouts a week. 1st. week we perform 5-6 exercises at 5 or 3 reps between 50%-70%. We ramp it up through 4 weeks of camp ending 65% & 85% for triples. The rest of the season we wave up for 3 weeks then a 1 week down week. We will make adjustments for a bi-week, conference championship and bowl game.

Core Lifts:
Box Squats
1/4 Squats
Floor Hip Thrusts
KB Swings
Snatch Pulls
Single Squats
Trap Bar Deadlifts
3 Board Bench
Pin Shoulder Press
Croc Row
3 Board Close Grip
Landmine Row
Neck & Trap work every lift


Thank you to Kurt Hester for taking time out of his busy schedule during camp to provide insight into the topics discussed.

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