Strongman Training

The Best Equipment in the Valley, an Elite Lifting Community, and the Best Training Environment in Phoenix.

Liberty Performance Training established its roots as a powerlifting & strongman gym, boasting the absolute highest quality equipment of any gym in Phoenix for either sport. Husafel stones, atlas stones, Texas bars, Ohio bars, sandbags, kegs, axles, tires, stiff bars, yokes, and the Valley’s most wicked circus dumbbell are just some of the apparatuses we keep. Chalk, belts, sleeves, tacky, and loud music are encouraged.

Our coaches have taken athletes from amateur to pro and have experience programming and coaching success at the national level. Whether you are looking for your pro card or competing in your first sanctioned competition, we have the coaching experience to ensure your best performance on the platform.

Join our resident Strongman Roy Orrantia every Sunday for a blend of strongman technique, programming, and injury prevention all while getting a hardcore workout. During each Sunday Strongman class, Roy goes over technique on the primary strongman movements (deadlift, overhead press, and loaded carry) as well as approaches to different strongman implements and programming for competition. He also runs a workout for more advanced lifters who do not need as much hands-on instruction.