About Liberty

Effort. Consistency. Intelligence.

With unparalleled leadership and passion for coaching, we live to make people better.

Liberty Performance Training was founded in Phoenix, Arizona in May of 2015 with the primary goals of increasing individual athletic performance, motivation, and quality of life for athletes at any level.

We are more than just a fitness gym, above all else, our coaches truly care about each and every athlete they work with.  Every program we design is individual and particular to the athlete in question, backed up by a science-based approach to athletic progress. 

We espouse integrity, work ethic, and performance outcomes above anything. Whether you are looking to compete in your first lifting competition, you are a high school or college athlete trying to make a team or improve your positional skills, or you are a Masters level competitor in any activity recreational or otherwise, Liberty Performance Training will improve your performance as well as your lifestyle.

Rich’s Coaching Philosophy

Give a shit.

Know your shit.

Do compound lifts. Do them heavy. Do them often.

Too much is too much and too little is too little. How mobile do you really need to be? Are you as strong as you should be? As fast?

Health first, performance second. Don’t worry, they go hand in hand.

As Dan John said first: “Adaptation is the king of performance.”

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Liberty is a Veteran-Owned Business

10% Discount For Active and Former Men and Women in Uniform