Team Sports Training

Get Your Entire Team Stronger & Faster

Liberty Performance Training offers highly specialized sport-specific strength & conditioning to teams across Phoenix.  We have provided training for numerous teams across Arizona (and even Taiwan!), including youth and collegiate football, collegiate golf, soccer, and baseball, elite club volleyball teams, and more!

Each program we design and implement is specific to the needs of each team. There are no repeat programs. Every rep is important and every rep is coached. Beyond our attention to detail in our scientific approach to programming and coaching, we also focus on the mental needs of your athletes. In an age of increasing social anxiety and isolation on cell phones and social media, focus on a holistic athlete is more important than ever. With leadership knowledge gained through years of training and experience at West Point, the US Army, BUDS, and the NCAA, our coaches teach confidence and community along with technical proficiency and physical mastery.

Allow us to focus on your team’s strengths and address their weaknesses to get you primed for the best season of your life.