Tactical Strength and Conditioning

Basic Training, Elite Military School Prep, Police Academy, SWAT or Fire Academy?

Train with one of the top tactical strength and conditioning coaches in Arizona.

All current or former military, firemen or policemen take an additional 10% off all costs.

The tactical community is the most misunderstood part of the strength and conditioning field.  So many programs attempt to ‘do it all’ instead of focusing on functional exercise, the health and endurance of the musculoskeletal system and a periodized plan to improve the anaerobic and aerobic systems.

SPEED, STRENGTH, and ENDURANCE are all important aspects of training for the tactical athlete.  You cannot afford to be weak, slow or tired when the crucial moment comes.  You can increase your job performance by focusing on high intensity interval training, lactate threshold improvement and strength in the deadlift, overhead press and loaded carry.

Liberty Performance Training will perform an evaluation and develop a customized plan based on weaknesses, experience level and profession.  Rich truly understands the grind and requirements of the tactical athlete, having served in the Infantry and completed Airborne, Air Assault and Ranger Schools.  He has helped coach successful applicants to the Phoenix Fire and Police Academies, members on Phoenix SWAT, Basic trainees, and elite level military operators.

Whatever it is you are preparing for, come train with the best in tactical strength and conditioning.

With our training, you can expect to:

Increase lean muscle mass

Improve body composition

Increase performance on your profession’s standard physical tests

Reduce the risk of injury

Increase mental toughness

Increase awareness of what to expect in your upcoming military or tactical training

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