Dec. 05

Liberty CCW/Tactical Strength & Conditioning Course

There is no denying that these are strange times we’re living in, but it has never been more important that you prepare yourself.  Join us for two days of hardcore training on December 5th and 6th.  You will leave with all fingerprints/paperwork filed to receive your Concealed Weapons Permit, a 12 week tactical strength & conditioning program tailored to your fitness level, and GREATLY increased competence and confidence with your personal weapon system.  Please note all participants must consent to a background check and are responsible for bringing 200 rounds of associated ammunition for Day 2 training.  Early Bird pricing at $549 available until September 11th.  15 spots available and expected to go quickly!  Purchase HERE.

Agenda is as follows:

  • Day 1 (Dec 5th) – Readiness For a New Decade
    • 0800-0830: Coffee & Welcome
    • 0830-0930: Tactical Readiness for the New Decade
    • 0930-1100: Tactical Workout 
    • 1100-1200: Programming Breakdown (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
    • 1200-1330: Catered Lunch + Nutrition Class
    • 1330-1500: Initial CCW Class, Weapons Safety Class, Paperwork Double Check
      • Safety rules, pistol & ammunition operations, fundamentals of shooting
    • 1500-1700: Weapons Handling Part I
      • Dry Fire incorporating loading/unloading, SIRT, LASR training tools 
  • Day 2 (Dec 6th) – Shoot, Move, and Communicate
    • 0530-0700: Transport to Range + Breakfast 
    • 0700-0900: Weapons Safety, Marksmanship, Drawing from the holster
    • 0900-1100: Reloading and Malfunction Drills
    • 1100-1130: Brown Bag Lunch
    • 1130-1230: Moving to/Shooting from cover & concealed position; Shooting from the kneeling position
    • 1230-1330: Shooting while moving
    • 1330-1430: Culminating Stress Shoot I – Will incorporate all fundamentals & drills learned over the past two days
    • 1430-1530: Culminating Stress Shoot II – Will incorporate all fundamentals & drills learned over the past two days
    • 1530-1630: Transport to fingerprint location 
    • 1630-1730: Fingerprinting/CCW Paperwork mail off (Priority Mail)
    • 1730-1800: Transport back to Liberty
    • 1800-1830: Final presentation of certificates & Paperwork
    • 1830-1930: Optional Q&A

This is a very exclusive event, so if you are interested, please let a coach know ASAP!  Links to purchase your spot forthcoming.