Track & Field Strength and Conditioning

Sprinter, thrower, or distance runner? Improve your performance with our focused program.

No matter your experience level, it is never too early to begin training for track and field.

Dynamic starts, running mechanics and joint stability are all crucial pieces of athletic performance.  Our coaches are highly experienced with all these aspects of training.

SPEED and POWER are both functions of strength; the more force you can put into the ground (STRENGTH), the faster you will be able to move.  Furthermore, concentration on acceleration techniques, flat out run velocity and fast-twitch explosiveness in a training program can significantly improve your times.

Liberty Performance Training will perform an evaluation and develop a customized plan based on weaknesses, experience level and sport.  Throwers can expect a significant focus on upper body strength and power while sprinters can expect a concentration on start mechanics, running form and lower body explosiveness.

The coaches at Liberty Performance Training are experienced with combine drills and performance standards at all levels and have trained/worked with multiple high school and NCAA athletes.

With our training, you can expect to:

Increase lean muscle mass

Improve body composition


Reduce the risk of injury

Improve start explosiveness and flat out run velocity

Improve times and performance on combine drills

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